Accell Mini DisplayPort 1.2 to 3 HDMI Multi-Display MST Hub
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Accell Mini DisplayPort 1.2 to 3 HDMI Multi-Display MST Hub


Accell Mini DisplayPort 1.2 to 3 HDMI Multi-Display MST Hub

Accell Mini DisplayPort 1.2 to 3 HDMI Multi-Display MST Hub

Easily Extend or Expand Your Desktop

The Accell UltraAV Mini DisplayPort 1.2 to 3 HDMI Multi-Display MST Hub allows you to enjoy up to three independent HDMI monitors from a single Mini DisplayPort output while utilizing the new multi-stream transport (MST) protocol.

Supports up to 3 Displays Independently

The MST Hub can support up to three high-resolution displays independently, two monitors with resolutions up to 1920x1080 @ 60Hz and the third monitor up to 2560x1600 @ 60Hz*. With the UltraAV MST Hub you can chose to expand a single image across three displays, perfect for high resolution gaming. For the efficiency and productivity of multi-tasking, easily dedicate each display to a separate application.

*The maximum resolution is dependent on the throughput of DP 1.2 or HDMI 1.4 as well as the graphics and display solution used.

For a digital signage or video wall application, use two MST Hubs with a video card that supports multiple Mini DisplayPort outputs. This setup will provide enough video ports to support up to 6 monitors independently. The use of multiple MST Hubs requires a computer and a graphics system with enough display pipes to support the multi-display array.


  • Utilizes new Multi-Stream Transport (MST) protocol (DP 1.2 required)
  • Supports DisplayPort per lane data rates up to 5.4 Gbps (HBR2)
  • Compatible with DVI displays using optional adapters
  • Compatible to HDMI 1.4a specification up to 10.2Gbps per port
  • Supports 3D video formats
  • Standards compliance: DisplayPort v1.2/1.1a, VESA DDM, HDCP V1.3 and EDID V1.4
  • Supports input pixel data depth 6/8/10/12 bits
  • Supports output pixel format RGB444

Maximum Supported Resolutions

  • Using 3 displays: 2 displays at 1920x1080 @ 60Hz and 1 display at 2560x1600 @ 60Hz
  • Using 2 displays: 1 display at 2560x1600 @ 60Hz and 1 display at 1920x1200 @ 60Hz
  • Using 1 display: Supports 4Kx2K @ 30Hz video formats

System Requirements

  • Graphic Output: Mini DisplayPort v.1.1 or v.1.2
  • Works on Windows PC

Important Notes

  • The Microsoft Surface 3 has a Mini DisplayPort output that can drive just 1 external monitor. This provides no application for using an MST Hub.
  • To adapt a Surface 3 to a non-DisplayPort monitor, please see our adapters. To connect to a DisplayPort monitor, use an Accell VESA certified, HBR2 rated cable found here.

Package Includes

  • Multi-Display Hub
  • AC Adapter: Input: 5V, Output: 3.3V with International Power Plug pack.
  • Product Guide

Warranty: 2-Year Replacement 

Product Brochure

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