Protected Power Board
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Protected Power Board


Protected Power Board

Protected Power Board

8 Outlet Entertainment & Flatscreen TV Powerboard 2 High Current USB Charging Outlets & Television & Pay TV Surge Protection.

The Jackson PT8013USB powerboard is an ideal solution for both Home Entertainment and Computer Systems.

This model features 8 High Joule Surge Protected Outlets to power and protect valuable electronic equipment from damaging power spikes and surges, 2 High Current USB Charging Outlets suitable for charging most portable electronic devices and F Connector Surge Protection to filter TV Antenna and Pay TV lines.

Additionally, this model has 4 spaced sockets to allow bulky power packs and chargers to be connected and LED indicator lights to show the status of the surge protection, grounding and power availability.


Voltage: 240VAC~ / 50Hz
Current: 10A (Max.)
Power Rating: 2400 Watt (max)
USB Charging Outlets: 5VDC 2.1A (total)
Protection Mode: Active, Neutral, Earth
Power Surge Current: 18,000 Amps
Surge Protection: MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor)
Energy Absorption(Power Outlets): 1050 Joules
Energy Absorption (F Connector): Gas Tube Arrestor
On/Off Switch: Blue illuminated
Response Time: <20 nano sec
Indicator Warning Lights LED
Protected / Grounded
Filtration Protection: RFI/EMI
Lead Length: 1.8 Metre

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